Welcome to Myanmar!

Myanmar is the country of Buddhism of whose architectures and culture are rich in religion. Buddhist tower temples can be found anywhere and the most famous one is golden temple of Shewedagon in Yangon capital which is the population of over 200 temples in Bangan. Climate in Myanmar is the harmony combination of nature and people.

As the country of Buddhism with myth, beautiful sceneries, visitors totally can enjoy new experiences and can buy interesting souvenirs here. Myanmar attracts visitors by sparklingly golden temples in the tropical region with long lasting architectures and ancient monasteries. Myanmar also is one of the few countries remaining the pristine and nature friendly features and they has been become the specialties by Burmese.   

The main attractions are Yagon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle lake and Goldren rock. Besides, Myanmar is very popular for numerous beautiful destinations such ash, Popa mount, Meimiu, Ngapali beach, Nghuesokyong beach, Bago, Htanlyn…especially temples and pagodas. Visiting Myanmar, visitors will be surprised of imposing temples. Besides, beautiful nature and hospitability are always impressive to visitors.

Happy traveling!

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