Welcome to Laos!

Surrounded by China, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos is located at the center of Southeast Asia. This country is endowed by nature with many beautiful and stunning landscapes. Laos is named as the land of tower temples and festivals. The beautiful country has numerous beautiful landscapes, deserted mountains and peaceful countryside.  Ancient and solemn architectures of tower temples can be found everywhere in Laos such as solemn That Luang (the Great Stupa), Wat Si Saket or Hophakeo temples in the heart of capital of Vientiane; Xiengthong in the ancient capital of Luang Prabang; famous Wat Phu in Pakse etc…

Lao people have absorbed culture and custom from two civilizations Indian and Chinese which have made their unique culture. Lao culture is like a river flowing from generation to generation and has made the spirit and character of Laotian.

When traveling to Laos, visitors will find the comfort and fun like being at home due to the generosity, humor and hospitability of Lao people.  Not only is Laos attracted by traditional festivals of Bunpimay or H’mong but also is fascinating with regular festivals.



the local claVientiane travelims it as “the city of moon”. Located on the Mekong river, Vientiane looks like the most beautiful flower in the land of Dok Champa attracting visitors with the simply beauty and peace. Besides, the city is impressive with its strange, old and scared temples. In Vientiane, visitors should visit Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan - over 200 elaborately designed religious statues and sculptures), That Luang – Vientiane Great Stupa, Patuxai Victory Monument, Night market…


is recogLuang Prabang_Laosnized as one of the best destinations in Laos, the ancient capital of Luang Prabang is very beautiful with the peace and strong features of Buddhism. One of the main reason for visiting here is to see ancient relics, especially over 400 – 500 years old preserved temples with stunning architectures, such as Xieng Thuang, Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham, Wat Sene Souk Haram…Furthermore, Luang Prabang is well-known for the combination of modern and ancient architectures including Royal Palace…


is namePakse Laos traved as the gate way to the Southern Laos, Pakse is located at the confluence of Don and Mekong Rivers. The city was the capital under the kingdom of Champasak until 1946. Pakse is considered as the destination for archaeological tourists to Laos. The city has become modern and pleasant for visitors who love to hang out, refresh themselves during the trip in Laos.


is the Savannakhet_Laossecond biggest city in Laos and is considered as the biggest economic center of Laos. The city is locally named as “the city of paradise”. Although, there are not as many tourist attractions as Vientiane, Savannakhet has many ancient architectures including: Wat Xayaphoum, The That Ing Hang Stupa, The ruins of Khmer at Heuan Hinh (Stone house)…Besides the charm of old town and architectures, Savannakhet is also the great place for local food, culture experiences or unique nature.


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